About Us

The wife and I started cruising approximately 10 years now, we enjoy taking anywhere from 4 to 5 cruises a year. Over the years we have learned many things from talking with fellow cruisers onboard and this made us decide to start this blog, We hope to share some of our knowledge and to give people an understanding of the various cruise ships and the many ports of call that they visit.

There is also an area for fellow travelers to be able to get the latest Press Releases from some of the major cruise lines.

We have started this blog late in our cruise life so as you can imagine it would be impossible to talk about every cruise we have taken or every port of call. Therefore, we would love to hear from fellow cruisers and would be happy to accept reviews from cruisers that would like to share their experiences on any particular cruise or things they enjoyed doing at a particular port.

You can also visit the Cruise Store to get one of the many popular cruise books that discuss many ideas of entertainment in the various ports of call.

I hope you enjoy the information you read on here and we welcome all comments.