Carnival Cruise Saving Recommendations

Carnival offers numerous ways to save on your cruise bookings. Below is a list of some of the most commonly used ones by frequent cruisers.

Stock Holders Credit

Carnival Corporation offers what they call a Stock Holders Credit for everyone that owns 100 shares of CCL. The credit various by the length of the cruise you have booked. Currently it is:

6 day or less Cruise: = $50
7-13 day Cruise: = $100
14+ Day Cruise: = $250

This credit can be used on any of the following cruise lines which Carnival Corp owns:

Holland America

You will need to forward your latest brokerage statement showing the 100 shares,  Booking Number, Ship Name, Date of Sailing to them at least 2 weeks before your actual sailing date. You can email or fax the required information to the appropriate guest admin department for your particular cruise line. This credit is applied as a OBC to your stateroom.

Early Save Rate

Early Saver Rate is usually only available for up to 6 months before the actual date of departure. It is usually the cheapest, but has some penalties for making changes to your cruise after you have booked. There is a $50 penalty for changing the date of you cruise.

You do qualify for Price Matching with this booking type. This means if the price should drop within 72 hours of your cruise they will match the lower cost. If you have already paid for the cruise the price drop will be added as a OBC to your account. If you have not made final payment, they just reduce the cost for you.

You are responsible for the monitoring of the cruise price and notify them of you see a drop. One way for doing just this is to use web pages such as CruiseFish where you register your cruise, type of room, and cost paid. They will email you as soon as there is a price change, allowing you to file for the reduction. You must do this quickly as the price could go right back up and its based on the price when you file the request not based on what it is when you notice it.

 Guarantee Rooms:

One other way of saving on your future cruise is to go with the Guarantee rate. This rate is usually only available at around the 60 day or closer mark. This rate is where you will choose the type of room you want (inside, Ocean View, Balcony, or Suite). You do not get to choose the room location. They will choose that for you. This rate is usually about $20 to $30 Per Person off the standard rate at the time.

Many people have had good luck with this and received a room location they would most likely have chosen for themselves. However, once I received a room below the stage shows. This I didn’t think would be a bad thing, as we are up during the hours of the shows anyway. We learned the hard way that the entertainment staff practices some nights at 2 in the morning.

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