Carnival Guest Services

Let me discuss with you now have bad customer service has gotten on Carnival Ships. During one of our cruises at about 10 PM at night we heard a large popping sound start in the wall of our room. It was so loud that when it echoed in the walls it was keeping the 4 cabins beside us and 4 behind us awake. It would rattle you out of bed. We were located on the 8th floor in a interior room. This large bang would happen about every 30 seconds.

We all continued to call guest services and they kept telling us was that it was the sea, as we were in rough waters during this time. Being on the 8th floor and a interior room we kept telling them this was impossible, but they would not listen. Finally, after about 3 hours and everyone in the 8 rooms complaining, we all decided to go down to Guest services together and demand someone come look at the issue.

Guest Services finally got a hold of the head engineer on the bridge, as we refused to leave until someone look at the issue, and he sent a maintenance guy to our room. When he first heard the sound, his face turned almost white. He then got a ladder and removed a tile in the hall behind our room. When the sound went off he almost fell off the ladder from how loud it was, as the tile was no longer muffling the sound.

Within 5 minutes we had officers and maintenance guys at our hall way looking for it, even though it took us around 3 hours to get the first one to show up. Keep in mind this whole time all of us are just standing around as they would not tell us anything. At about 4 AM they informed us they would be having some meetings in the morning to discuss what they found and would get back to us. At this time they still made no effort to tell us anything or help us in any way as none of the 8 rooms had even been to bed.

The following day, at about 1 PM in the afternoon, they showed us to start taking the wall down outside out room. At this point we are all with no sleep for about 30 hours. At about 10 PM that night they finally got the noise to stop. They had to weld about 4 braces between to beams as they were apparently buckling in the wall when the ship would sway from side to side.

After more than 40 hours of no sleep for any of us we were excited to be finally in our rooms sleeping. The following morning, we get a call from Guest services telling us for our inconvenience we were given a dinner in the Cucina Del Capitano, after a little complaining the moved it to the Steak House. steak house. This was a joke for no sleep due to the extreme noise for almost 40 hours. We were all upset about the compensation but more about how guest services treated us the entire time. Were treated like they didn’t care about how this was affecting us. We were all experience cruisers and they just didn’t want to listen to us that it wasn’t waves on the 8th floor interior room.

They actually kicked us out of the area for a while as they didn’t want us watching what they were doing and taking pictures. However, they couldn’t be there the entire time, so we have pictures of what it looks like after they welded the braces in. I am forwarding them to one of my structural engineer friend to see what he thinks and if he feels this will hold up for a long time since this is one of there newest ships in the fleet.

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