Carnival Horizon

We cruised the Carnival Horizon in Europe and the Transatlantic when it first launched in early 2018. Even with the high number of passengers onboard it did not feel crowded walking around from location to location through the passthru decks of 4 or 5.

Ships Specs:

Built 2018
Passengers 3930-4716
Crew 1450
Total decks: 14
Decks with cabins: 12
Cabins 1965
Tons 133500
Speed 18.0
Length 1055
Beam 122

The rooms seem to be above average in size. The one nice thing about the new rooms is there are two 120 Volt outlets and 2 USB outlets at the desk. This makes it wonderful for keeping your electronic devices charged. The only downfall is there are no drawers next to the desk, they were moved into the closet which took away from your closet space. They had Safes that did not require you to scan a card and you just programmed a 4-digit code. The Mini Fridges seem to do a very good job at keeping drinks cold also.

The Laundry service on this ship seemed to be the worse. We have used the Laundry on every ship multiple times and never had any issues. However, on this ship every time there were major issues with either clothes destroyed or so wrinkled you couldn’t wear them again. I think the problem is they use plastic bags onboard and if you put everything in one bag you are getting it back in one bag and it wil be crammed in there if you crammed it to begin with. Other ships will put it in two backs to send it back to keep things nice and neat but aboard the Horizon they didn’t seem to do that. I hope that Carnival will find there way to fixing this before too long.

The TV’s in the room are up to date, you were able to monitor your account and order Pay Per View movies if you would like. We did not order the movies ($4.95 each), however, they did have about 10 movies that you could watch that were free. They were recent movies and at least 2 were Cartoons for entertaining the kids.

The Lido Buffet stations and seating are one of the best layouts we have seen in some time. There actually have 4 Buffet stations in each section in 2 circles with 2 in each circle. It made getting people in and out of line in a very timely manner. They also had the best Lunch deserts with real cakes and they cut for you. They also had 2 deli’s with one in each area. This with plenty of seating around made for a easy breakfast and dinner times. They also had some high-top seating on the sides that we enjoyed the most sitting in when people watching or looking out the windows. The restaurants were laid out as follows:

Lido Buffet
Guys Burger
Mongolian at Lunch
Cucina Del Capitano at Lunch

Steak House
Pig and Anchor
Seafood Shack
Mongolian at Dinner
Cucina Del Capitano at Dinner
Ji-Ji Asian

Your Time Dinning (YTD) is different as you must go to a check in station on deck 5 to get your seating assignment and then go to deck 3 to eat. They have started using the Hub-App to let people just tell it what time you want to eat and then it notifies you when a table is ready for you and you go eat. This I can see will save a lot of time, but it does not let you choose a table or a particular server you may want. We like to keep going back to the same waiter once we find one we like, as they get to know you and it is more personal. If they ever add this to the App where you can request a table and then it just notifies you when that table is ready for you, this App may then be perfect for YTD.

Some things this ship does not have that the others do. No pixel wall to let people block the flow of traffic around the deck by looking at pictures. You view them on the Hub App or via computer stations they had through the area for doing just that. There also was no art auctions or any high priced art collections that I don’t think many people purchased anyway.

The elevators on board are using the new technology where you push a screen for the floor you want and then it directs you to the appropriate elevator to get on. I do feel this improved the moving around of people and prevents people from getting on the elevator and choosing floors that no one want to go to, like kids tend to do. I do miss the glass elevators at the Atrium but they added more elevators in the main area.

The gym is way to small for the number of guests. They had all the normal equipment just not the room to put them all in comfortably. They didn’t have a separate room for doing the exercise classes that they hold, so those were out where the bikes and tread mills were. They also do not have a hot tub in there, as some ships do, which can be very relaxing after a workout. Also, they have moved the Steam rooms to the Spa areas that you have to pay a fee to have access to. They did leave the dry sauna’s in the changing rooms but not the steam rooms.

Casino is nice and large with plenty of machines. Never had any issues getting on a machine we enjoyed. However, they have gotten better with the smoke but have not yet perfected it. It still smells in there and when you leave your clothes will smell of smoke also. The smoke didn’t though seem to flow out into other common areas where guests were using. The bar has a lighted column like in the Atrium. You also can walk deck 5 above the casino if you want to get from one end to the other without passing through the Casino.

They now have two decks, 4 and 5, with fun shops on them. They don’t, however, sell any more nice women’s tops or clothes. Now it mostly is Watches, Jewelry and Purses. There also a Vitoria Secret store on board. Not sure how that is going to be a big seller with the older crowd but for the younger college crowds in the Caribbean if might go over well. They do have two smaller stores that sell normal Carnival attire like t-shirts and hats but not near the size of stores the other ships have.

The Cherry on Top store is quite large. Has about any assortment of candy you could want. It also has a nice old fashion fountain area in it where you can get ice cream and milk shakes. They also have cotton candy, but you can get that on Lido at lunch for free.

All muster stations are indoor on this ship, which is a big bonus. It only lasted about 10 minutes on both cruises we took. They go over how to put on the jacket and then dismiss everyone. Its not like there is any time just sitting around waiting for nothing. They don’t even escort you out to where the life boats are.

The IMAX theater looks nice, its on deck 6. We never attended any movies as I can’t see paying for a movie when on vacation on a cruise, I can do that back home. I do think a lot of people were doing it but didn’t look like you would have troubles being seated if you wanted to. Cabins on deck 6,7, and 8 around the middle of the ship were complaining quite often about the noise from the theater vibrating their rooms at night. The only good thing was they stop showing movies around 11 PM. Make sure to try and not get a room around the IMAX if you want to have a relaxing evening in your room.

Comedy club, like on all their ships, is just too small for the crowds. This room has numerous columns on the floor that block the view of the stage from many of the seats. They have TV’s on the side that you can to watch and when you can’t watch the stage itself. Also, none of the high back/half-moon shape seats like you find on other ships, mostly just chairs.

 Now for one of my least favorite places on the ship, the Theater/Lounge. There are only possibly 30 to 40 seats in the room that allow you to see everything. Even on the balcony, only if you are up against the glass will you be able to see the complete floor. They didn’t angle the seats, so if someone sits in front of you, it’s almost impossible to see everything. Like in the Comedy Club, there are a lot of columns to block your views and since they use the floor more than the stage for their shows, it is hard to see the entire floor if not up front. Most seats also do not have anywhere to sit your drinks. This means if you have one, or bring it, you have to hold it the entire time. They have more entertainers onboard than the other ships, which made the shows more active, but since you can’t see  half of them it’s not as enjoyable.

 Splash areas for kids is quite large. There is plenty of things for kids to get wet on. Also, the Sky Rides and Sky Walks were always quite busy, so the lines were long and would take some time to get on it. They also do not run when in port. They have pool tables, Put Put, Foosball, Basketball and Table tennis. The walking track is 7 laps per mile unlike other ships that are about 16 laps per mile.

 The Hot Tubs and Pools could use some work. The pools are nice and large but quite cold, The Hot Tubs were not even body temperature so relaxing any muscles in them is out of the question. With so many additional guests, it is hard to get into one. Even the two on the Serenity deck are always full.

 In Closing:

 I would first like to state that I would sale this ship again if it itinerary was what we wanted, but I do have a feeling that Carnival is building larger ships and wanting to run them with the crew work load of a smaller ship. The crew is very cheerful at all times, but there are a lot of small mistakes being made all around the ship. This is just a sign the crew is being worked too hard.

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