Corfu Spain

Our visit to Corfu, Greece was very brief in town. We road the buss to down town and just walked around. It only takes about 2 hour to walk around the town. They do have some old forts, but we did not tour inside as they are not free. There are lots of shops to visit and it seems leather and furs are big in this area as there were numerous shops. It was a very clean town and the alleys were wide enough to comfortably walk around without always bumping into other visitors.

This is one location that everything is actually is in easy walking distance to where the ship ports. We were able to see te ship from all parts of town. We road the bus system but that was more to get the experience that the locals have that out of necessity. The shops are very reasonably priced and you can bargain a little but due to the low costs already its hard to get them to come down too much further. They seem locally to not understand that you can make money off the tourist. There also are more coffee and eateries with outside seating than any other type of business in town.

Almost every eatery offered free Wi-Fi if you want to check on things back home or read any emails. This was nice since we had been away from home for almost 2 weeks when we arrived here and it was another 2 ½ weeks before we would be back in the states again.

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