Cozumel Mexico

Cozumel Mexico is one of the cruise port destinations that you will most likely visit many times. If you do any extensive cruising in the Caribbean, almost all cruise ships and itineraries will have you stopping here.

There are two ports located at this port. Carnival owns one of them and the remaining cruise lines use the other. They both have about the same shops, but I have been told by other fellow cruisers that the pricing at the Carnival port is cheaper and its worth the walk over there. They are within walking distance to each other.

The port has many shops. Like all other cruise destinations. It is a lot of shops selling high end jewelry and various t-shirts. Because Mexico is known for its leather, there also is a leather shop there that has some very nice products.

The one thing I do not like about this port is on the Carnival side. When coming or going from the ship, you are forced to walk though this long building. In this building its full of small shops all combined selling liquor and various other products. The issue is the two isles are small and everyone walks through here to go to and from the ship. Thus, it gets very crowded and if you go through there during its peak times it can be very difficult.

Mexico is also known for cheap pharmaceuticals. There is a drug store located at the port. However, if you walk outside the port and just down the road a couple blocks you will find another drug store that sells the same things for a lot less in price. You can get most antibiotics there without a prescription. However, if you need something stronger, you will need to take a prescription from you physician back home.

There are also some very nice beaches there to go spend the day at. You can get a ride from a Taxi outside the port for about $10 that will take you to most beaches in the area. Keep in mind that the cruise ships will leave you there if you are not back on-board at the scheduled time. This is unless you are on a ship sponsored tour. Therefor if you do go to the beach on your own, make sure to return on time.

If all you want to do is shop, then there is no real reason to ever leave the protection of the port. There is about every type of souvenir of your visit within this compound.

This is a nice port but gets old if you cruise a lot because almost every Western Caribbean itinerary has you going to this port no matter what cruise line you go on.

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