Demanding Cruise Passengers

I have to start off by saying, I feel so sorry and embarrassed as to how the human race has turned out over the years in respect to their treatment towards their fellow man. It appears we have become a society of people that demand everything to be self-centered around them. Not sure what ever happen to meaning of “Treat others as you would want to be treated”.

I have spent many of time just sitting outside the Guest Services desk, to listen to the many complaints and demands customers have. People seem to think that if one little thing is not to their satisfaction that they should be compensated in some means for it.

I am a true believer that its time for the cruise lines to start pushing back a little on peoples demands. I agree it appears the cruise lines have downsized to keep prices relatively low. But maybe if they start pushing back a little people will treat them better. If they get certain people to quit cruising so be it. They don’t seem to be having any issues filling the ships.

Let me use this one example I dealt with just to make a point.

On one of our previous cruises. I got to my room and discovered my bathroom sink was not draining. I proceeded to go to Guest Services the following morning to notify them of the situation. They immediately started apologizing to me for the inconvenience this was having. I let them know it was not a big deal and that if they would just have maintenance sometime during the day stop by and take a look at it.

They apparently did stop by that day while we were out of the room. That night one of the crew slipped the following letter under our cabin door:

I proceeded to go to guests services after getting this letter and thanked them for fixing the issue. Next thing we know we received some cookies in the room from Guest services for there kind words towards maintenance.

I know some will say this is just good customer service. For me it just shows how the state of our self centered treatment towards others has degraded to such a point that they feel they have to do such a thing.

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