Gibraltar is a very interest island. It is owned by the British but only an airport runway separates it from Spain. So much history on this island and it is most know for the Rock of Gibraltar. There are most miles of tunnels through this rock mountain and there are road on the island itself. From the top of the rock you can see Span in one direction and Africa in another. The roads are very narrow but since most of them are all one way, you don’t have the issues of passing cars like you do it the rest of Europe. Gibraltar also has 1 of the only 3 100 Ton cannons in the world. It takes 7 people to fire it. Last time it was fired was in the 1990’s and all the neighboring builds had there windows shatter when it went off, so they have not fired it since.

We decided to visit Apes Den and a tour of the Rock Caves. This is probably the most wanted tour on the island. The monkeys on the island are so fascinating. There are about 230 of them and they were brought by the British from Africa during the war as pets and released. They have become so accustomed to visitors that they just more or less sit there and pose for you to take pictures. They are wild as they roam free on the mountain but know where the people are and where to get food even though you are not allowed to feed them.

The second part of the tour was a visit to the caverns I the mountain. They are beautiful in themselves with so many rock formations extending down from the ceiling. Its actually very pictureistic and  and easy walk. They have lite up the rock formations very nicely. Also, there is a small amphitheater in the mountain where they will have small concerts. The acoustics in there must be fascinating and not need for large amplifiers and speakers.

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