Malaga Spain

Malaga Spain is like all other Spain ports, a very beautiful place. You will have to walk about 10 to 15 minutes to get to the town from the port but it’s a nice walk if you can. Around the port is very beautiful with lots of shops, a nice park, and even a beach if you want to get in the water. Keep in mind you are in the Mediterranean, so the water is not as warm as you would think until about September and October. Many people you will see wading in the water to stay cool from the heat but not really swimming due to the temperature.

Outside of Malaga are two beautiful towns. The town of Marbella has wonderful shops and parks for walking. This is part of the older part of the area but you really cant tell from its cleanliness and friendliness of all the people.

The other nice place is Puerto Banus. This location is for the rich and famous. At the marina, you will see only million dollar Yachts and shops of the very high end. You are able to walk the pier and view all the nice Yachts and even have a nice lunch there with a beautiful view of the water and boats.

The highways connecting these towns is a normal 3 lane highway in very good condition. Its not like the rest of Europe with the small roads and driving on top of each other all the time. We learned that Spain is the number one tourist location in the world, followed by France and then the United States which is actually third.

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