Vigo Spain

Vigo Spain wins our award for the most beautiful port in Europe we have visited. It received 189 days a year of rain and this has made the entire town and country side green. It is just gorgeous. We also learned that it is the number 2 producing city in the world for sea muscles, behind China. The city of Vigo is the largest seafood port in Europe, for both Fresh and frozen sea food.

We visited Valensa just across the Portuguese border just 30 minutes from the port. We then toured there fortress there which is like a complete town inside itself. Many nice shops and building. They didn’t speak English much there but with hand gestures we were able to communicate with the locals just fine. This area is known for its soft materials for towels and cloths. Most of the shops sold that kind of products.

On the Spain side we visited Tui, where there is a large cathedral with many statues and beautiful carvings in the walls. For me still, it was the drive back and forth that made this area worth the visit.

This area did not seem to mind all the tour groups walking through there small towns. We also learned that there are numerous villages abandoned over time due to residence moving to larger areas for work. You can actually purchase a complete village from the government there for $250,000 Euro. This would include at least 6 homes and a watermill. The only requirement is you would be required to build the village back up. If you didn’t want to build one back in operating condition you could purchase one fully functional for about $650,000 Euro.  They also still have wild horses roaming the mountain sides.

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